Gold Partner

MK teknology1 is a leading PAT solutions provider. Our partners for PAT are Sentronic GmbH and InProcess LSP.

Sentronic is super specialist in measuring solid dose process steps including bin blending, continuous blending, fluid bed drying, granulation, tablet compression using NIR Spectroscopy. Sentronic NIR tools are time proven, robust, provide high quality NIR data and are preferred by industry.

In Process LSP manufactures innovative continuous nano particle size analyser - "NanoFlowSizer" which makes at line, in line or online measurements using breakthrough SRDLS - Spatially resolved dynamic light scattering technology.

Clean continuous manufacturing facilities need GMP computer hardware, our partner Systec & Solutions Gmbh manufactures unique cleanroom compatible IPCs, SS tablets and computer trolley systems. These are used for MES, eBMR, Continuous monitoring applications in Grade B, C and D.

Silver Partner

At Ansys, we love a challenge. Every day, our simulation solutions are applied to the world’s most complex design issues to make the impossible possible. Our spirit of advancement means we continuously adopt new technologies and capabilities to support innovators in engineering what’s ahead. We empower our customers to design and deliver transformational product. Our open ecosystem between computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided engineering providers means Ansys software integrates seamlessly into existing platforms. Our customers can make the right technology choices for their own systems.

Ansys simulation gives engineers the ability to explore and predict how products will work - or won't work - in the real world. It’s like being able to see the future, enabling engineers to innovate as never before.

This simulation superpower also speeds time-to-market, lowers manufacturing costs, improves quality, and decreases risk.

Bronze Partner

Skytech Systems is India's leading analytical Instrumentation Company over the past 28 years we have served more than 2500 customers. We provide high end quality analytical tools & solutions to QA, QC, R&D, Pharma, Validation, Institutes, Process Development & PAT (for Particle Shape/Size, RAMAN Analysis), Food & many more.

Blaze Metrics USA for Next generation ONE Probe PAT Solution & Application, In Situ probe for simultaneous measurement of Particle Shape & Size , Microscopy , HDR Turbidity & Particle focused Raman in order to optimise the process precisely during the development phase itself and manufacturing.

Networking Partner

Daicel Chiral Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd (DCTI) is an Indian subsidiary of Japan based Daicel Corporation, the global leader in Chiral Chromatography. DCTI was established at IKP- Hyderabad in 2008 to support Pharmaceutical Industry.DCTI has been closely working withCTI, USA and CTE, France to serve Pharma Industry. DCTI’s chiral applications, contract chiral Separations, Pharma Services (US-FDA, ISO 9001-2015 QMS-DNV-GL; ISO-17025, CDSCO & DCA)- GMP-Analytical, Purification and Synthesis including peptides, process development and analytics. Method development-validations, Trace Analysis, bioequivalence, Extractables-Leachables, Stability, Microbiology, Peptides-analysis, Release Testing Services. Impurity isolation/Synthesis, characterization of Pharma Impurity Standards, Stable isotope labeled internal Standards.